Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Extended + A River Will Flow + Producer Dan Diaz- Pledger Exclusive

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to bring you up to date on some changes with Music With A Cause. As you all know, I became ill and had surgery to have a tumor removed on September 8, 2010. This was unexpected and thus has caused a delay in my project. PledgeMusic has extended my project by 30 days- which means there are 52 days left.A few months back my producer and friend, Dan Diaz(, and I got together to talk about this album. I had some new songs that I had not really played live and needed a producer who could nurture my songs and bring new life to my work. That is something Dan does especially well. He has the ability to listen to a song, build a world around it without losing its meaning and without any compromise. We never expected that the project would take this long. In truth, we are very close to finishing this project. Most of the music is done. At one point we were trying to lock down vocals but I was having throat issues and you cant force singing when the throat is not working.  As I mentioned, most of these songs have never been played live. I have added a song called "A River Will Flow" with scratch vocals, not mixed nor mastered. This is a rough version. I also added a video of me playing it on youtube. Listen to both- you will see why Dan is such a valuable asset to this project. He brought life to a very personal song. He added the very necessary touches to make it sound amazing.

So- where do we go from here. We have 52 days to change peoples lives for the better. Your pledge and support will raise money to help find a cure for my friend Jeff. Your pledge and support will raise money to help find a cure for Parkinsons- which took my grandfathers life on August 30th of 2007. You pledge and support will help an organization that takes our little heros of today and helps this became future leaders of tomorrow. Instills them with the importance of helping others.

Music With A Cause has kept me strong. Although, I have double vision in both of my eyes right now, I am tirelessly working hard to get the word out. I am playing the role of agent, publicist, musician, and patient.  I have a network of radio stations, tv stations,, pledgers, fans, and other companies helping me and spreading the word to over half a million people about this project. That is why you always hear me say "Together We Can Make A Difference."Lets do it! Making your pledge today WILL make a difference for tomorrow. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

With love and gratitude,
Derek Evans

p.s. please excuse punctuation errors as i have double vision in both eyes....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I have to tell you- I did not expect to be typing this soon after my surgery. The good news is that they removed most of the tumor and, while last night was rough, I have felt pretty good today. I should be completely healed within the next 14 days. That will leave me, for the most part, with only having vocals left to complete for the album I appreciate all of the support everyone gave me before, during, and after my surgery. It means the world to me. I have also decided that after this project I will be donating 3% of all album sales to Music With A Cause to help various organizations. Thank you all again and please keep spreading the word! I am trying to get to 40% by this time next week.

Much Love,

Derek Evans

Picture taken the evening after the surgery

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Plans for This Week/Surgery

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all have had a great labor day weekend, hopefully, continuing through tomorrow. I wanted to bring you to speed on something that will be happening this week. On Wednesday I will be having surgery, furthermore, I will not be doing many updates this coming week. I am told it could take about 7 to 10 days for me to recover. The question now- is how do WE keep Music With A Cause moving? I have been asking myself that more often this week and prior to launching this campaign. I made the decision that the people who follow me would keep this project alive. That is one of the things that make PledgeMusic so unique. It is not only about me, it is not only about the project, it is not only about you, or the charities involved. It is about everyone. PledgeMusic has provided a situation where everyone can work WITH each other. We have complete control over this project. I have the opportunity to share the recording process with you, my passion for these organizations, and you get to understand who I am and what I am about. Over the past, almost, two weeks we have raised 19% of our goal. That is truly amazing! So now is the time, more than ever, where I need your support. I need your support in help spreading the word about Music With A Cause. I am hoping that after my surgery and recovery this project will still be strong and growing. I might actually have some do an update for me during the week.

Thank you all again for your support. Together we can make a difference.

Much Love,

Derek Evans

p.s. I added a sample of, the audio only, The Wind Cries on the pledge page.  Below is a video a fan took of me playing the song at a private event.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Music With A Cause Update: 100/hr was pledged last night! Demo posted for pledgers only!

Hello Everyone!!!

What a fantastic first 10 days! Last night alone, between the hours of 9:30 p.m. – midnight, pledges just exceeded $400!!! That is amazing. I cant begin to tell you all how excited I am to be able to share this experience with you. I have never really been much of a blogger, but I am almost at the point where I want to write something everyday!!! You all are amazing. Lets keep spreading the love and make a difference AND get free music out of it!!! Lastly, I have added a demo version of a song that pledgers will get if they donate $35 or more. It’s a song called Play With My Shadow. Again- this was just the original demo version.
With The Utmost Respect and Gratitude,

Derek Evans

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Album + Helping Three Wonderful Organizations.

Music For A Cause is about nurturing my passion for music and helping others. However, I need your help to make that happen. If you plan on or were considering pledging- Please do so today. I KNOW we can do this.

Please check out the organizations below....listen to the samples I have posted via updates or on the page........lets make a difference TODAY!

Every pledge helps and regardless of the donation you will receive the album for FREE.

Much Love,

Derek Evans

Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvin Lee Churney-- Baskin Robbins

Hi Folks-

I know you are saying to yourself “Did you not just make an update?!”
Well yes I did. I made an update about the album progress. But this project is not just about music. That is why it is called “Music With A Cause.”

I wanted to do a separate update about the charity portion of this project. As I have mentioned, portions of the proceeds will be going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in the loving memory of my grandfather, Marvin Lee Churney. It was, at this time, 3 years ago today that he passed after his long battle with Parkinson’s. You will continue to hear me say this- but I will not settle to just be a musician. I want to be a musician that will nurture great causes.

One of my greatest memories of my grandfather is that he would take me and my cousins to baskin robbins. It was a ritual everytime we would visit. Today, everyone in my family, are going to baskin robbins in his memory.
Making a pledge to this project will not only give you an album to listen to- it will help find a cure for this Parkinson’s. Every dollar helps.
I believe in my art, I believe in my passion, I believe that together we can make a difference.

Derek Evans
Here is a video of a song I wrote for him after he passed.

New Song Added- Yellow Steps(rough version)

Hey Folks-
I added another track “Yellow Steps”. This is a rough/not mastered version. I hope you enjoy. If you have not already, make your pledge today! Things are coming along great and I cant wait to share this project with you!

Below is a clip of me playing this song live at The Fillmore in San Francisco opening for Blues Traveler last year.


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