Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvin Lee Churney-- Baskin Robbins

Hi Folks-

I know you are saying to yourself “Did you not just make an update?!”
Well yes I did. I made an update about the album progress. But this project is not just about music. That is why it is called “Music With A Cause.”

I wanted to do a separate update about the charity portion of this project. As I have mentioned, portions of the proceeds will be going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in the loving memory of my grandfather, Marvin Lee Churney. It was, at this time, 3 years ago today that he passed after his long battle with Parkinson’s. You will continue to hear me say this- but I will not settle to just be a musician. I want to be a musician that will nurture great causes.

One of my greatest memories of my grandfather is that he would take me and my cousins to baskin robbins. It was a ritual everytime we would visit. Today, everyone in my family, are going to baskin robbins in his memory.
Making a pledge to this project will not only give you an album to listen to- it will help find a cure for this Parkinson’s. Every dollar helps.
I believe in my art, I believe in my passion, I believe that together we can make a difference.

Derek Evans
Here is a video of a song I wrote for him after he passed.

New Song Added- Yellow Steps(rough version)

Hey Folks-
I added another track “Yellow Steps”. This is a rough/not mastered version. I hope you enjoy. If you have not already, make your pledge today! Things are coming along great and I cant wait to share this project with you!

Below is a clip of me playing this song live at The Fillmore in San Francisco opening for Blues Traveler last year.


Derek Evans (free download from the webpage)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Music With A Cause Update 3: Mad Scientist/Free Download/Bonus Track!!!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you again for a great first week. We are at 11% of our goal! That is fantastic news! I wanted to share something with you real quick. For those of you who plan on or are considering pledging- or even those who are not able too- If you go to my new website you can receive a free download of one of the bonus tracks from the album. You can also make a pledge right from my website. It is the original version of “High School Walls”. Thank you all so much for being part of this. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the support!
Derek Evans
I added a video of me playing the song…..i look like a mad scientist!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music With A Cause- Update 2- Audio Sample

Greetings Everyone-
I wanted to send a quick note and thank everyone who has started to get the word out. While we have a little ways to go, I have decided to start setting some goals. By this time next week I want to hit, at the least, the 25% mark. I know we can do it!

Again, this is not just about raising money for an album- nor is it just about making music. I want to make music that has meaning and provides thought, relief, peace of mind, etc. I also want to use music and my career as a tool to educate people about ways to help others. Music With A Cause goes beyond this campaign. Once the album is finished, I will continue to involve myself with research for Parkinson’s, Lemons To Aid, Cancer research, and many other organizations. This is very much the beginning of something wonderful.

I added an audio sample of “The Gypsy Song.” I started writing this song in 2004 and it has had some many different versions and I am finally proud to have found its final version. Attached is the rough version with music only. If you noticed in the last update I provided a video of me playing “The Gypsy Song.” I hope you enjoy and I look forward to staying in touch.

Thank you so much! Together we can make a difference!

Much Love,

Derek Evans

*To hear the sample please click on the link above*

Pledge Music Video Update 2

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music With A Cause- Update 1- LEMON DROP

Hello Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to share something I did over weekend. I was asked to play at a "Lemon Drop" this past weekend. The founder of Lemons To Aid, Melissa Plaskoff, got me in contact with Corey Villicana who was hosting the event for The event was wonderful! Corey got so many different vendors involved who donated lemonade, food, etc. People from all over donated so many pairs of shoes, as well as, money to help ship the shoes. I believe when the event was over, we had a couple dozen boxes and garbage bags of shoes. I felt really special to be part of something with such a great cause. Below are some photos from the event. Music With A Cause is not only about raising money for an album. It is about making a life out of living. If there was anything I learned from my mother and grandfather it was to "make a life out of living." With music, I want people to be able to relate to me- whether it is by feeling ok to be different, or by having my music ease their stress. However, I want to make sure that while I am a musician I am educating others about wonderful organizations and causes- much like Lemons To Aid and the most recent event that I attended last Saturday. I played some very new songs, watched kids learn about the "art" of giving, and it reminded again of how capable we are as humans. I have so many exciting things to share going forward about the album and these organizations. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Music With A Cause. Please spread the word and make a pledge today. Together we can make a difference. Much Love, Derek Evans

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Music With A Cause

Hi There. My name is Derek Evans. I have two passions in life. One is to play music and the other is involving myself with various causes. In 2006 I started a charity event called “Music With A Cause” and most recently I have become involved with Music Saves Mountains  and they even featured a song called "Audio Readers" I wrote about the cause. Over the past four years I have been touring full time and I have had the great fortune of sharing the stages with many artists like Jason Mraz, Blues Traveler, Everclear, Erin McCarley, Greg Laswell,  and many more. The biggest challenge I have had with being an independent musician is that I do not have any label or financial backing. I have decided to use Pledge Music as a tool to fulfill my two passions. I have set a goal to raise $6,000 to record my album and press my album. However, not all of that money will be going to me. I will be donating portions to Lemons To Aid. Lemons to Aid provides the tools for families around the world to host lemonade stands and other creative programs, such as read-a-thons, bake sales, etc. to raise money for disaster relief and other basic need causes. I will also be donating another portions to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, in honor of a good friend of mine who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. I wrote a song about his situation as well called "Breathe In Hope, Breathe Out Love". Lastly, I will be donating portions to the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinsons Research, in memory of my grandfather Marvin Lee Churney.

PLease be sure to go to the site for all the incentives.

Derek Evans
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