Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music With A Cause- Update 2- Audio Sample

Greetings Everyone-
I wanted to send a quick note and thank everyone who has started to get the word out. While we have a little ways to go, I have decided to start setting some goals. By this time next week I want to hit, at the least, the 25% mark. I know we can do it!

Again, this is not just about raising money for an album- nor is it just about making music. I want to make music that has meaning and provides thought, relief, peace of mind, etc. I also want to use music and my career as a tool to educate people about ways to help others. Music With A Cause goes beyond this campaign. Once the album is finished, I will continue to involve myself with research for Parkinson’s, Lemons To Aid, Cancer research, and many other organizations. This is very much the beginning of something wonderful.

I added an audio sample of “The Gypsy Song.” I started writing this song in 2004 and it has had some many different versions and I am finally proud to have found its final version. Attached is the rough version with music only. If you noticed in the last update I provided a video of me playing “The Gypsy Song.” I hope you enjoy and I look forward to staying in touch.

Thank you so much! Together we can make a difference!

Much Love,

Derek Evans

*To hear the sample please click on the link above*

Pledge Music Video Update 2

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