Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Extended + A River Will Flow + Producer Dan Diaz- Pledger Exclusive

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to bring you up to date on some changes with Music With A Cause. As you all know, I became ill and had surgery to have a tumor removed on September 8, 2010. This was unexpected and thus has caused a delay in my project. PledgeMusic has extended my project by 30 days- which means there are 52 days left.A few months back my producer and friend, Dan Diaz(, and I got together to talk about this album. I had some new songs that I had not really played live and needed a producer who could nurture my songs and bring new life to my work. That is something Dan does especially well. He has the ability to listen to a song, build a world around it without losing its meaning and without any compromise. We never expected that the project would take this long. In truth, we are very close to finishing this project. Most of the music is done. At one point we were trying to lock down vocals but I was having throat issues and you cant force singing when the throat is not working.  As I mentioned, most of these songs have never been played live. I have added a song called "A River Will Flow" with scratch vocals, not mixed nor mastered. This is a rough version. I also added a video of me playing it on youtube. Listen to both- you will see why Dan is such a valuable asset to this project. He brought life to a very personal song. He added the very necessary touches to make it sound amazing.

So- where do we go from here. We have 52 days to change peoples lives for the better. Your pledge and support will raise money to help find a cure for my friend Jeff. Your pledge and support will raise money to help find a cure for Parkinsons- which took my grandfathers life on August 30th of 2007. You pledge and support will help an organization that takes our little heros of today and helps this became future leaders of tomorrow. Instills them with the importance of helping others.

Music With A Cause has kept me strong. Although, I have double vision in both of my eyes right now, I am tirelessly working hard to get the word out. I am playing the role of agent, publicist, musician, and patient.  I have a network of radio stations, tv stations,, pledgers, fans, and other companies helping me and spreading the word to over half a million people about this project. That is why you always hear me say "Together We Can Make A Difference."Lets do it! Making your pledge today WILL make a difference for tomorrow. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

With love and gratitude,
Derek Evans

p.s. please excuse punctuation errors as i have double vision in both eyes....

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